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Creation of the Lysedia laboratory

Two doctors of pharmacy create the Lysedia laboratory in Paris. Several partnerships forged with aesthetic doctors. Development in several countries in institutes and SPAs with a professional range.

Passion and innovation

The doctor of pharmacy Isabelle Carron takes over the Lysedia laboratory :

Passionate about cosmetics and innovation with the aim of making women beautiful. Following a trip to Morocco, Dr. Isabelle Carron discovers that prickly pear seed is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the plant kingdom. The high concentration of vitamin E is greater than any other oil, making it a powerful antioxidant.

Considered one of the most expensive oils in the world, prickly pear seed oil, by its richness in fatty acids, vitamin E and sterols allows it to fight against the harmful effect of free radicals. Its antioxidant effect makes it an effective ingredient in the composition of anti-wrinkle care.


LIFTAGE : powerful and rich anti-wrinkle range  

High concentration technological actives. 

Launch of the LIFTAGE range in pharmacies: based on hyaluronic acid with 3 molecular weights, gingko biloba, centella asiatica, macrocystis algae, chamomilla recutita, jojoba oil, for an optimal effect.


The REVITALAGE radiance lightening smoothing range is launched 

The unique revitalizing radiance technology Revitalage contains active ingredients in high concentrations :

  • Based on vitamins (C, E, PP, B1, B2, etc.),
  • minerals,
  • arbutin,
  • Actiwhite® patent,
  • hyaluronic acid at 3 molecular weights.

1st prize Madame Figaro Beauty

Lysedia reçois le 1er prix beauté Star du magazine Figaro pour la lotion Revitalage S5. Cette reconnaissance professionnelle prestigieuse nous a encouragé dans nos développements.

Patent Regecell X5®

The Anti-wrinkle and firmness solution:

1st to file a patent on prickly pear seeds with firming and anti-aging properties:

After 3 years of research into ever more effective formulas, the Regecell X5® patent was born, combining in the most optimal way :

Prickly pear seeds, hyaluronic acid with 3 molecular weights, spirulina, white lily and maritime matricaria for a firmed, plumped and visibly younger skin.

Passion for technology and innovation

Dr. Isabelle Carron has always been attracted by innovation with the aim of making women beautiful. In vivo tests have demonstrated the extraordinary antioxidant and dermo-protective effects of regecell X5's® patented anti-wrinkle technology.

Antioxidant action: after UVB induction, the tests showed a 96% reduction in the level of free radicals, responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Double dermo-protective action: after induction of UVA, tests demonstrated a 54% increase in procollagen synthesis, as well as a reduction in the level of MMP1 (Matrix metalloproteinase-1), responsible for collagen degradation and a 19% reduction.

5 ultra-concentrated serums

Launch of 5 ultra-concentrated serums:

These powerful serums, subtle blend between natural and technology.

Skin Essence

Dr. Isabelle Carron passionate about cosmetics wanted to write a book on beauty and cosmetics published by Flammarion. With the aim of making women beautiful, she wanted to bring the care techniques developed, following her experience in pharmacy and cosmetics.

Several conferences and radio broadcasts.

A real manual for the care of her skin, you will find practical advice not to be missed: "A woman who finds herself more beautiful feels it and can move mountains".

Patent Regecell X5®

Launch of the Regecell X5® gold range:

High antioxidant power for a deeply hydrated skin, smoothed and powerful anti-wrinkle power.