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Remove all makeup and cleanse skin before application.


  1. Apply Eye Contour Liftage around eyes and lips,
  2. Apply Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contouring cream around eyes and lips (decongests, relaxes, and removes wrinkles). We recommend applying Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contouring in the morning only, as skin tension is reduced following sleep (relaxation).
  3. Apply Revitalizing Day Cream to the rest of the face, neck and neckline : it is formulated to absorb quickly, so makeup can be applied directly after.
  4. In the evening, after makeup removal, apply Regenerating Lotion S5, allow to dry for 3 minutes, then apply a base of Liftage serum and massage it in gently.
  5. To improve the quality of the protocol, practice soft peeling with the AG20 Regenerating Peel once a week. Its formula deeply cleanses and purifies skin without burning tissues, giving beautiful texture to skin and radiant glow to the entire face